Three Suns

My first sun who is fire red,

Burned the first flame within my core,

Shines brightly in the dark,

Never far from my heart


My second sun who is misunderstood,

Emotions burst and flames flicker,

Dangerous when you get near,

Radiance warms the soul


My third sun who is a new born star,

Whimsical flames dance wild,

Bursting orange skies,

Never dull with excitement


My three suns are my center,

Their gravity always pulls me close,

Their light gives me strength,

Darkness is never embraced

It would seem…

It would seem that I’m pathetic.

For hiding my emotions.

For expressing my devotions.

For trying to correct the past.

For being optimistic and hoping it could last.

For trying to save a broken heart.

For not trying from the start.

For loving too much.

For never using a crutch.

For being broken and scared.

For never believing anyone would care.

Apparently I’m pathetic.