Is It Worth It?

Every time it happens I have to laugh. People will bring my ex up to me and I’m sure it will happen for a large part of my life. An old friend of her’s exposed some things she had said and done during and after our marriage. As usual I wasn’t shocked over finding it out. Some of it I knew, but I’m glad they said they didn’t want to tell me about it at first because they knew it would have made me mad. I’m glad they didn’t because during that time I would have been. Now, I just chuckle, because it is just sad.

While others and I have seen the person that she is I’ve always hoped that my kids never will. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. I know how much she loves them and they love her as well. However, they tell me how they feel,what they see and what happens around them. My ex will never put their feelings above hers. With her affairs and the way she allows them to be treated by others shows that.

I feel sometimes I’m helpless. I know I’m doing eveyrthing within my power to show them they are loved, that even she loves them, but they prove to me every week how they feel about the situation she has put them in and it breaks my heart. I can only hope she’ll change, but the sad truth is we hardly ever change. You’ll here, “people change all the time,” but the reality is we don’t….we just find out who people really are.

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