So I had A Seizure Last Night

Last night my kids were pretty sick, but nothing out of the ordinary. They had high fevers and stuffy noses, so nothing a parent hasn’t seen before. However, in the middle of the night my oldest started feeling worse, and asked if I could get him some medicine. I got up and ran to the kitchen to see what I had. The last thing I remember is looking at the bottle for the dosage because the next memory is me on the floor.

Now, lets talk about how this isn’t exactly the first time this has happened to me. Throughout my naval career and more after I would have blackouts. The issue is, they have always been when I’m alone. Doctors could never tell me what was wrong and no one was there to see what the issue might have been. Well, this time someone did see it, and it was all three of my kids, and it scared the shit out of them sadly.

I woke up to find my youngest crying on top of me, my middle child crying above me, and my head sitting on the lap of my oldest who had the look of sheer terror in his face. They had thought I had died. I told them I must have passed out not really understanding why I was even in the kitchen, but then my oldest told me what I was doing that shocked them. My eyes were wide open, I was making a choking sound, probably because I was choking on my tongue, and eyes were wide open. After that they said I just stopped and I wasn’t moving.

I can’t imagine what they were thinking watching their father go through that, but I feel there is something good that came out of this. I finally know what has been happening to me when I have my blackouts. Hopefully, I can bring this news to a doctor and get a better answer instead of the whole “who knows.”