Always Something New

My parents and I recently received some messages telling us they were sorry for what happened. At first, we were confused. What happened? Did someone pass? What is going on. Instead, my ex turned to social media to complain about me, which honestly, I couldn’t careless about.

People were telling us that they knew what she said were lies. And they were. One of them was about me not paying child support I guess. They were disgusted. It was odd that people would reach out to us. I did get some emails about me being a dead beat father and a horrible person, but I didn’t know who they were, so it didn’t bother me.

This past week I’ve gotten a few phone calls from people exposing more of the truth of my marriage. No one wanted to really tell me because it was bad, and they knew how much I loved her. I knew what they were saying was true because it was over events I never said anything to them about. I’m finding out that the majority of my marriage she was just saying terrible things about me and the issues I was trying to deal with. It makes sense that when she first left me these people were telling me to just move on and there was no point on trying to work on it. She never loved me and just hated me.

If I would have heard these things last year it would have been devastating, but now, it just makes me shake my head. I should have seen this.  I would watch her say terrible things about her family, even wishing her mom death, but I didn’t say anything about it when I should have. Now, I’m starting to realize the person that she really is. She planned a lot of our divorce out. Pretended to care, but tried little to actual help me so she could complain about it later. The part that annoys me now is not losing her, but realizing I didn’t really have a wife.

Early in the week my son told me their moms old boyfriend, the one she cheated on me with,  hated them. I had said you must mean me, but they said no. Their mother told them that this man hated them. Stuff like that just bothers me.

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