Thinking About My Suicide Attempt Again

I recently started watching Anthony Bourdain’s TV shows because I heard so much about him. I immediately fell for this guys charm and wanted to watch more. I was learning and it was fun, the best kind of learning. However, just like many other celebrities that I saw living a life greater than mine, at least I thought, I would see them on the news about their death being suicide.

I’ve seen a lot of ignorant people already trying to bad mouth him. “How could he do that to his family?” or “He was a weak person.” I had to deal with all of that. My parents were to worried about my lack of faith and my ex-wife, I found out, was just going to other people to talk about how pathetic I was. When I look back on it her leaving me to be with her boss was the best thing to happen to me. You find out the people that really love you when you are at the lowest point of your life.

The thing that made me think on this, and wanting to write about, was because there are so many people who still don’t understand mental illness. They believe it is something you can just turn off. That telling the person to just start acting happy is going to change things. If you see them, and you know something is off, help them. They are going to say they don’t need it, but deep down, they know they do, but they are scared because we treat this illness as if it doesn’t exist.

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