Forgiving And Apologizing

People love to think in black and white. I see it in Facebook with their random quotes behind a sunset, the way we judge celebrities or politicians acting like we are better than them when their lives are exposed to us. We love to judge, but we hate it when the spot light is being directed at us.

I’ve made mistakes in my life. I never have fear in owning up to them, but I do admit forgiving can be hard. My biggest pet peeve with this topic is people are never truly sorry…they just hate the fact they got caught. However, we are imperfect creatures. We even lie to ourselves when we look in the mirror.

I’ve forgiven and have asked for it many times, but the big ones…well, those ones are hard to work around with. In fact, there are a few I know I’ll probably never get to see the end of and that bothers me. It will scratch the back of my head for months like this.

I was fired not to long ago, so I’ve had time to think. Maybe I’m trying to look at the positive in a bad situation. Ive been thinking about how I can better myself as a person. There is a lot I’ll have to do and I know it will take years to do.