The Next 15 Years Are Going To Be Difficult

I just recently put in a police report to the man that had an affair with my now ex wife. After putting in the report and going shopping with my youngest I started to look at him and realized that I’m not going to be broken apart from this thing for the next fifteen years. And it somewhat scares me on what is going to happen.

My ex, at least once a month, does something to interfere with my life. It could be her crying that she needs help moving or possible to come back and live with me while she is seeing two other people. It could be her sending videos of myself and my kids saying she misses that. Or it could be her spying on me through my Facebook messenger and google photos. However, she will still blame me for all of this. I think I might actually go insane.

She recently had an affair with a married man and I’m wondering how this will blow up in my face as well. It isn’t a matter of if, but when. I try to ignore her, but it’s hard when she is either spying on me or someone is making threats towards me. It is what it is though, just a complete mess.

I recently lost my job, but funny enough I was somewhat happy with it. The place wasn’t going anywhere and they clearly didn’t care about their people, so getting offers from Tesla, Jive and other places fills me with a lot of hope of a better future.

2 thoughts on “The Next 15 Years Are Going To Be Difficult

    1. I do. Mainly it is her. She will call crying or trying to get something from me. Overall though, it is okay. We both love our kids and honesty that is what matters.


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