My ex is having another affair

Well, today wasn’t what I expected. My ex has been going through my Facebook and found out I recently talked to the ex wife of the man she had an affair with at her job. It doesn’t shock me because she was fooling around with her boss when we were married. The strange thing is I didn’t really care. If that was the person she was then it was something I didn’t care about, but one night I felt bad for that woman. My ex destroyed her life and as usual she doesn’t care about anyone but herself. I sent this to her on Facebook

You don’t know me, but we have a few things in common. I recently found out my ex had helped ruined someone else’s marriage. I wasn’t sure until I saw your ex driving her car yesterday.My ex cheated and left me for her boss a little over a year ago. When I found out what she did it left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I know the pain you are in. If I could I would like to say a few things to you. Don’t bottle your emotion. Cry when you need to, yell when you need to and be angry when you can. Get it out. It will make you feel better and release the pain. It won’t go away, but you can live with it.The thing that helped me the most is being around positive people and having my three boys with me. Having those around you that truly love you is something special. I had thought I lost my best friend, but this past year I found out how terrible of a person she is and realized she has probably done this for years. I dodged a bullet and you won’t feel that way yet, but give it time. It could take weeks, months or years, but you’ll soon realize people like them don’t deserve us. I’m sorry for what happened to you. Live your life the best you can and I hope you find your happiness.

My ex has been going through my Facebook and saw that. Got angry, sent me a message to leave her alone after she deleted photos I had of women I have dated on my google drive. This woman will sends me random videos saying she misses me, cries wanting to come baack because she can’t afford to live on her own, but I need to leave her alone? She cries to me when she needs money or someone to help her move, but she is seeing two men, and one is married. Her and this Jason guy deserve each other. It amazes me the person that she has become. I can see how bitter and hateful she truly is now.

I knew we would never be together again when she told her mom I raped her, but after seeing how she is having more affairs, ruining lives, using my parents and so many other things I know I can’t even be this woman’s friend. It is crazy to think that we were even married now. People have warned me for years the type of person that she is, but I never would believe it.


My repsonse to the man who sent these to me:


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