A Conversation That Freed Me

Weird that this time last year I would have done anything to be back with my ex-wife. Now, I can’t stand to look at the person I realized I was with. What I said to her I somewhat regret, but at the same time I needed to say it. I need to let that go for good and to show her how much of a hurtful person she actually is.

I found out for years my ex-wife was saying horrible things about me, she later was having a relationship with her boss while stringing me along at the end of our marriage and now I find out she is screwing around with another married man, but she says they haven’t “done” anything yet. It is beyond sad to find out how the real person she actually is and it honestly breaks my heart. I thought she was such a beautiful person and now I

have to find out she isn’t. Yeah, none of us are perfect and we make many mistakes, but the things I found out weren’t pretty and she has no remorse for it.

Thank God we had our kids. Those fifteen years would have been wasted if they weren’t. I’m finally getting my life back together and I can say I honestly hate to hear anything from her. She will cry to me or my family, but it is only when she wants something. I do miss it when we would just talk about anything, but the fact is she never cared about me and I think that is the thing that hurts the most. I know I’ll always love her because my love for her was so real, but having to finally wake up from the fog and see that this person never really felt the same still hurts. I don’t think it will ever stop. I know I’ll find someone that does love me for who I am, but when you thought you had it at one point it just burns to know it was never really mutual.

I yelled it at her how I truly felt and how terrible I thought she was. I know I could have said it better. I know I should have said it better, but I blurted out how I felt and I believe it helped me. I know she didn’t want to hear it. No one wants to hear anything bad about them, but she made my life a living hell and felt no remorse for it. I didn’t deserve that and no one should have that. I was sorry for the things that I have done in my life, but sadly, she will never be sorry for her actions.

It’s funny because her mother told me I probably wouldn’t like her by the end of the year. She was right, so many people were.