This Has Been Quite The Year

I recently had an amazing connection with a woman. We bonded emotionally and psychically on so many levels. To put it simple, it was just amazing. The sad thing was that our personal lives made it so we couldn’t be together. I wasn’t angry about our decision for this. In fact, I’m nothing but happy on our choice. I’ve made a great friend and at the same time I’ve learned so much about myself.

I found out this year my ex for years has been saying terrible things about me when we were married. When people told me this and after seeing some of it for myself I felt so ugly as a person. Someone I loved with all my heart painted me as monster to other people and I felt the way she portrayed me. Things slowly became so clear and the light was finally shed on the truth.

The person I was this time last year is no more. He is gone and I could say I hated him, but I don’t see the point in that. In fact, I feel sorry for him. He was alone and in a loveless marriage. I can see why he was that type of person and because of his struggles I’ve become myself again, but better through his experiences.

I’ll never forget this year. It has been something that has been extremely painful, but at the same time something that has made me grow