Puking Blood and Doing Social Media The Right Way

Yeah, you didn’t read that wrong. A couple of days ago after a few weeks of pain in my stomach I puked a bit of blood. Nothing big, but a good friend of mine made it perfectly clear to me that I should go see a doctor because she is super nosey! Anyways, while I sat down and checked to see when I could make my appointment online I decided to check on Facebook. I hadn’t been on there in months to look at anything and I was a little curious. I noticed right away that it was all the same. Just a sea of things I was following or things people commented on or shared from other pages. Everything I have started to dislike about social media.

I stayed on Instagram because it is more personal with people posting about family or friends. It is very to the point and yeah, sure, people like to post political, religious or the awesome inspirational update, but not as toxic as Facebook. I want to change that even if it is just for myself. I decided to delete every single thing that I followed. You won’t find any likes of my music, movies or hobbies that I enjoy. I know, you must be scared now. How the hell are you going to be able to tell what kind of person I am if you can’t browse through the endless amount of garbage that a person likes. I guess you might just have to ask, maybe?

Social media isn’t evil. TV isn’t evil. Money isn’t evil. Things…aren’t evil. It is the way we as humans use them and this isn’t a generation thing at all. I don’t care what year you were born you probably use social media the same way your kids do. Being anonymous and not standing in front of the person brings out the worst in people sometimes. However, the past four months I have done a lot of, um, well, soul searching I guess you could say. Being disconnected from electronics and trying to be more with myself and with my kids helped me find someone that has been buried in a sludge of crap for a long time.

I’m going to start oil painting. I picked up my guitar again. I’ve taken my health serious with what I eat and working out….I know, the blood thing brings a question to that, right? However, when I’m not full time being a dad or working I’m honestly completely alone. Friends and family aren’t really around me and let’s just say human contact in a romantic way isn’t happening. Yeah, my wife left me, but I’m still in love with her and don’t want to cross that bridge for years.

I guess I kind of need social media in a way. Friends and family that I love are all across the United States and a lot are even further than that. Calling randomly isn’t always best and honestly social media like Facebook is convenient when they aren’t trying to shove ads in your face. I decided to give it another shot, but I removed everything that would annoy me with all the distractions outside that I have no real control over.

WIll this work? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll update what happens in the next couple days, weeks, months or maybe never. Who knows. We will see.