I Was Told To Participate In A Fasting Last Sunday

Yesterday was fast Sunday and I had the Elders over (I’m Mormon) who asked me if I would try to do it. I had completely forgotten about it since I’m coming back to my faith after years of being away, so I had to think if it was something smart for me to do with my current setup of eating healthy and working out. I decided when I woke up Sunday to actually give it a shot since you could do it two different ways. You either did two meals of no eating or drinking, or you could do twenty-four hours of no eating or drinking.

Now, I get the whole point of fasting from a spiritual sense. It helps you to understand the sacrifices of Christ and for you to pray about what is troubling you in hopes that this will help guide you. I’m an Agnostic Mormon which is something I decided a few days ago and I’ll talk more about that in a future post, but for right now let me focus on my fasting.

As I said the whole point of it is to reevaluate something in your life and to feel closer to God. I thought about all my current situations that were bothering me as the hunger pains started to creep their way into my belly. With my current workout routine, I eat more than normal and let’s just say I don’t think I was prepared for this. I was struggling my last bit until I decided to start meditating, something on my list of things I want to start doing.

The mediation helped me keep focus. I’ve been studying a lot on it because I saw all the scientific benefits of both fasting and meditating. No, I’m not talking about some pseudo-science hogwash. I’m talking about real studies that saw physical changes, positive ones as well, for doing it. In a spiritual sense it is debatable, of course, but the science behind it is strong at least.

I think I’ll be doing this the first Sunday of every month. To remind myself of what I’m willing to sacrifice in my life for my kids and my own well-being in this world. Each month I inch myself closer to something more positive in my life. I fight as hard as I can for it. By this time next year I’ll be a completely different person.