Can Prayer Work?

At the start of the year if you asked me to pray on my current issues I might have smirked or even chuckled at the thought of it. Not to be rude, but the idea of it was silly to me. Humans have been praying for thousands of years to thousands of different Gods. Whether or not our prayers are being answered or even heard is something we can’t truly prove, but does prayer actually make us feel better or even work?

It actually does. Well, not how some people would view it. If I said I wanted a brand new car of course you wouldn’t see one driving up to my house. Humans are selfish. Whether you think there is something out there or not we feel we deserve certain things because of all of our hardships. But prayer can work even for an Atheist, or some would call it meditation. A way for us to sit down, look at our issues, and ask or even realize what we need the most.

Back in April when I really got down to start my prayer I was scared. I hadn’t actually prayed in a long time and the last time I truly did I was angry. Not at God or even the situation I was in. No, I was angry at myself. I was starting to hate myself and felt that maybe I just deserved everything that was happening to me. I didn’t think anything was listening to me, so I left it like that. I was just on my own.

When I prayed this time though I didn’t want to ask for changes to be made or bad things to happen to other people. I asked for strength. I was struggling with all my inner emotions and all I wanted was for everything to calm down around me. I wanted to think straight. I wanted to stop thinking of the worst scenarios in my head and just feel like there wasn’t a boulder on my chest. It worked. Every time I’ve prayed since then I get a sigh of relief. I feel safe. I feel like there is something in me changing.

Even if you don’t believe in a God or Gods this is something we can all do. Some self-reflection for anyone is a nice thing to do once in a while. Life is chaotic. There is so much going on at once and now that we can see what is happening in the world every second of every day it can get nuts. Disconnecting from everything else is needed.

If you think it is a placebo effect or someone is truly listening to your thoughts, I would suggest everyone trying to do it sometimes. It has changed my outlook on my life and those who I love around me. Even though I’ve been mocked I always ask for the strength to handle what challenges face me for the day and hope the same for my family as well.


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