Vacation Log #1

I had recently talked about how I wanted to change my life for the better, but there was something I wanted to wait on before it could happen. My vacation. I needed this more than anything. Being able to just relax with friends and family while also having my kids preoccupied along with no worries of work will help me actually think. Think of what, you say? Well, I’m not sure yet. I’m hoping to use the next couple of weeks to plan out the next few years to help get my life on track.

Our first day of our grand adventure had us heading over to Elko, Nevada to see my friends Jim and his wife Alyssa. The car ride over was a lot better than I expected. I was waiting to hear constant fighting and complaining about bathroom breaks or being hungry. Instead, the boys slept the majority of it while I played some Ghost to help keep me up. I decided to wake them up along the way to check out the Salt Lake. They assumed it was snowing and they didn’t believe me when I said the Salt Lake was actually made of salt. Oh, and I added it was over 100 degrees outside.

When we arrived at Jim’s place the kids were a bit shy, but that ended pretty quick when they saw all the nerf guns and their dog Lucy. We were later treated to a nice dinner, which my kids hardly ate because they would have rather ran around screaming and hitting each other. I let Corey try a sip of my wine because he kept talking about it for ten minutes. Let’s just say that he won’t being trying it again after I let him take a sip.  I got a free dinner with some scotch and a cigar for dessert! The kids decided at the last minute that Lucky Charms would be better, so maybe it isn’t because I suck at cooking.

Overall, it was a nice night. I haven’t hung around anyone my age in quite some time and being able to just be myself is something I needed. I won’t be back in Utah for the next couple of weeks and I don’t have set plans for anything yet. As I’ve said, I want to use this time to reflect. Having the kids with their grandparents and not working late at night is going to keep my head from clouding. I still don’t know what I want in my life. I may be having a mid life crisis right now or maybe now I can see my options and I need to take a closer look at each decision I could possibly make. I’m going to record my trip as I go on and figure out what “it” is that I want.

That feature picture is so terrible by the way, but it was the best one I could take with them since those three can never sit still for two seconds together.

One thought on “Vacation Log #1

  1. Hi my handsome grandson ! as usual your writings are amazing (: I really think you have a great future as a writer !!! it runs in our family a lot on the Rinear side and I am sure they started out like you with articles of the heart !! I say keep it up and there will be lots to write about during and after your trip Please be safe and don`t drive tiered . OH wow grandma still thinks she can tell you what to do LOL ): sorry


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