This Week I Met #3

When I start my car to drive over to Five Guys I usually have an optimistic outlook on what I’m about to do. I try to keep that positivity flowing as long as I can, but the second I park my car the anxiety kicks in…do you see a trend here? I always hope for one or two people to be in there, but this had groups of people, and I wanted to leave right away. However, I pushed myself to go in. That is something I lacked for a long time: the courage to just move forward and take a risk.

As I scanned the room, I was hoping to find a solitary person. It didn’t matter the age or gender, they just had to be alone. Luckily, there was a man in the corner. I was cautious at first because I noticed him pick up his food, but he decided to eat it at a table. I made my usual order and plopped down in front of him giving my sappy intro on my social experiment. I’m still waiting for the day someone tells me to piss off, but that was not today.

Alan has to be, by far, my most interesting talk, which I know isn’t saying a lot because he is the third person I’ve come across. I wanted to go with hobbies this time around to see if we shared any. The short answer is no, but he did peak my interest. He was into off-roading, which is something I’ve thought about doing with the boys, but I always figured it was too dangerous. He talked about a place called mini moto where it focuses on off-roading for children. You know, keeping things safe and fun for them. I think the boys would like that.

Now, Alan threw me a curve ball and decided to do something none of the others did. He started asking me questions. I’m sure people usually are polite and just listen to me prattle on and ask my questions, but to hear genuine questions asked in my direction was not only surprising, but also self-reflecting. Before American Fork, how I felt about my ex-wife, and why I started this blog, are questions that stuck with me.

When you have to explain a feeling or situation to yourself or maybe a close friend you don’t really have to dig deep for the explanations. The nitty gritty is not really needed. Well, I have a stranger now asking me these questions so I have to overly explain each question. It was the same with him and our talk started to get deep. Suicide, health care, education, and family life aren’t topics most strangers will start a conversation over. I’m not saying we bared our souls to each other, but we had a civil conversation on each discussion that leave most people slinging insults at each other by the end.

I usually get up and leave once my food has been ordered. This usually leaves me a good ten minutes or so. I feel that is enough time to meet someone. Today I actually sat back down and talked with him for about an hour. I gained a lot of reflection while talking to Alan. So while originally, I only wanted to talk about hobbies, I got a lot more than what I bargained for.

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