This Week I Met #2

After my first encounter I actually walked up to the doors at Five Guys and thought that it was going to be easier. Well, it wasn’t. Nope. In fact, it was even harder than the first time, so today I decided I wanted to push myself even farther and go for a group of people. There were only two groups inside. One, were a group of friends finishing up and getting ready to leave while the other was a couple with their kids. This was going to be fun.

I walked up to Derek, the husband, and explained my little spiel on why I was randomly walking up to them. I almost feel tired explaining why I’m doing this. It is probably because I’m exposing myself and I find the whole idea weird. We live in a tech age where everyone spreads their dirty laundry without a single thought. Anything that is on their mind whether it was good, bad, racist, politically incorrect or down right embarrassing we put it on the web like it is nothing. However, to actually walk up to a person and barley expose the tip of the iceberg makes us feel weird.

Luckily Derek didn’t really seem to mind and thought the idea was interesting, so far a common response to my little hobby. I knew right away what I wanted to talk to him about and it was family life. He had a young boy and girl with his wife Kelly. He had mentioned from the start they had been to American Fork Canyon today and we discussed on where it was. I was glad to hear that because I’ve been wanting to take the boys out with school now over for the summer.

He later asked me if I lived in American Fork. I’m new to the town, only been here for almost two years, so it was nice to hear about the history of it. The way he explained it being so small and now growing into something larger reminded me a lot of my home town Manteca. When I left for the military the only thing it had going for it was a bowling alley and when I came back I hardly recognized the place. We never notice the changes in front of us, but look away for a second and sometimes it is completely different.

Derek told me about being in Germany for his LDS mission, a theme I’m sure I’ll run across many times on these conversations because I live in Utah. I’m currently in the works of looking into another language I want to learn and we talked a little on the difficulty of learning a new one. I’m not sure if his wife was as onboard with it. It could be due to the fact of her looking after their children. I know the feeling of being overwhelmed by your children and the outside world needs to be put on pause. Never the less, she was polite throughout her small comments during the whole ordeal.

Time seemed to fly by compared to the last one. I always make sure to limit myself from when I order and when they call out my number. It is the one thing I like and dislike about this. I’m sure people are busy and don’t’ want to spend that much time with a random stranger and it also gets me out quick because right now I am still in an awkward stage with this.

After my wife left me I had little to no contact with another human being. Yeah, I could talk to someone on the phone or maybe play a game online with a friend, but I felt like such crap about myself. Doing this feels nice. Like I said, it can feel weird, but to actually just meet someone and push something aside that has bothered me for so long as a person feels liberating.


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